Museum of Glass – Glass Dream in Valaská Belá

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Just imagine that you are standing at a small glass furnace from which a master glassmaker using a glass pipe takes molten glass and right in front of your eyes blows a perfectly shaped product out of it.

Museum of Glass “Glass Dream” is a living museum of glass production and the only Museum of Glass in Slovakia where you can see for yourself how the glass is formed. It can be found in a region where the tradition of glass art was born back in 1747, at times when in settlement Gápel (part of Valaská Belá) the glassworks was founded. Hard working master glassmakers created there many products of unique quality which spread word of their extraordinary skills to far away.

What can you see and experience in this museum? You will discover the beauty of nowadays almost forgotten hand-made glass art: you will learn how to blow glass using a hand glass pipe, what is molten glass, how to use a glass pipe, how is the free-blown glass and mold-blown glass made and what can be made of glass, how our ancestor knew how to work with molten glass, what kinds of wooden or metal tools they used, how is the glass formed, how to produce a coloured glass or what traditional techniques and procedures were used by glass makers in the past given that the glass pipe is approximately 2.000 years old…

And on top of everything, you can try and by using a hand glass pipe blow your own “glass dream” from molten glass.




Valaská Belá 20


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